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PacSec 2020 Conference

The 18th annual PacSec conference will be held on-line, November 5-8 2020, dojos November 9-20.
Call For Papers/Panels/VR-Hangouts is Open at Deadline: Soon :-)
Registration Now Open.

Follow the organizer @dragosr for trending security topics. Sponsors welcome : Sponsorship Details (PDF)

Breaking the Glass Zoom Barrier

It's time for some PacSec announcements.

So, let's start announcing stuff about PacSec November 5-8, we'll be announcing the courses, and the upcoming conference panels here, and on twitter at @dragosr and the new @secwestnet. You can check out the new website here at, which will also have all the latest updates on PacSec.

The course lineup of new Dojos are the second time we've offered PacSec Dojos and a whole raft of course announcements will be trickling out over the next couple of weeks.

The other thing that we will start, is a weekly stream of our back catalog of conference sessions on Wednesday nights, a sort of "best-of," with maybe some new things. we'll announce the first one tomorrow morning and stream it out in the evening. But the most ambitious new PacSec announcements are....

That at 2020 on-line we will attempt a multilingual security conference for the first time. And not only just one. The deal is that for any language choice (of 16) if 100 folks pick up a $200 ticket and choose that language, we-ll try to set up translation for it. A large chunk of content will be partially streamed out for free, but the paid tickets access the language translation, and interaction with the panels, attendees, and inclusion for much more participation and information.

So if you and 100 colleagues (or companies willing to sponsor ticket blocks) want a multi-lingual security conference in, Chinese, Spanish....

Some of the Panel Topics being worked on so far, and there are many more to announce still:

.... and that's pretty much just the start...

So the challenge is out to your global security communities. Do YOU want a multilingual security conference with industry and research leaders in your language? Enough to get 100 attendees together?

We'll be doing this in English one way or the other... We'll also be spreading out the usual two day schedule over four days, to make it easier ot attend in a virtual format from a home office, with shorter daily sessions over a longer period of time, allowing you to deal with the other daily requirements of home and work life.